Team Issued was inspired by the founder Jesse Paradis’ love for "team issued" gear. It was the special feeling when receiving that new team issued package that lead to the start of the brand. Over the years, Jesse’s team issued collection grew as he collected items from his own teams and others, never being too shy to ask a buddy from an opposing team to toss him a workout tee. Whether it was headwear, workout gear or a track suit, it was rare to find Jesse wearing anything else. To him, there was no better feeling than being a part of a team! It was this deep passion that lead him to want to start his own team, his own community. That’s when Team Issued was born, paying homage to the gear he always loved! It was the journey of collecting as much as he could. It was the feeling of wearing something that represented the team. Now, his goal is to build a brand that brings together individuals from all walks of life through equality, inclusiveness and integrity. Team Issued’s mission is to re-create that special feeling of being part of something bigger, a community for all, striving towards the same goal.